Subscription Terms

Payments and subscription terms

1.0 Fees & Payments. The subscription period is laid out within the contract signed by the Customer signatory with the amount paid within 14 days of the agreed upon subscription payment periods. Once a new payment period begins that subscription must run the course of the period.

1.1. Minimum commitment. The period set out in the Subscription contract represents a minimum subscription term and the subscription cannot be terminated within this period.

1.2. Recurring subscription. At the conclusion of the minimum committed subscription period, subscriptions will automatically renew, according to the payment frequency described in the subscription contract, unless either party cancels in accordance to the subscription cancellation terms.

1.3 Cancellation. The Customer must give 30 days notice that their subscription wishes to be terminated. This written notice should be emailed to The customer must pay out the current payment period, plus the period encompassed by the 30 day notification period. All monies owed must be settled within this payment period or the subscription will be renewed, even if the user does not have access to their accounts.

1.4 Recovery of monies owed. Monies invoiced must be paid within 14 days or a payment reminder will be sent to the user. After 30 days, MediaConnect Australian Pty Ltd. may suspend user's access to their subscription and issue a final warning for payment. After 60 days of non-payment, MediaConnect Australia Pty Ltd. may initiative action to recover the money, including hiring of external debt-recovery agencies, which will be employed at the expense of the customer. These accrued costs will be added to the customer's outstanding balance.

1.5 Change of terms. If MediaConnect Australia Pty Ltd. wishes to change the terms of a recurring contract they must provide 60 days notice. These changes may include the subscription price, the subscription frequency or terms. If the user does not wish to continue its subscription under the amended terms they may cancel via the standard cancellation terms or by settling payment to the period running to the end of the notification period.

Usage Conditions

2.0. Your subscription entitles you to a nominated number of user licenses. Each license should be assigned to an individual and these licenses should not be shared by multiple people.

2.1. Under no circumstances, should any of your user licenses be used by individuals outside of the company that holds the account, without written permission granted by MediaConnect Australia. You are responsible for ensuring that your accounts and passwords are secured and that employees are removed from the system when they leave your organisation.

2.2. Intellectual property that is a part of Influencing, including names, contact details and profile information of media, editorial opportunity information, as well as the processes and operations of the software must not be shared with individuals outside of the organisation.

2.3. You are responsible for any data uploaded into the system, and agree that you have the appropriate copyright required to upload the data.

2.4. MediaConnect strives to provide maximum uptime and availability of our service, however, the user acknowledges that Internet issues by the provider, or the user, may occasionally prevent access to the service and that usage of the system should be managed on that basis.

2.5 MediaConnect strives to ensure the security of the platform, however, we assume no responsibility for unintended breaches or liability for damages that may result from a security breach