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MediaConnect is out of the closet

​There's an old John Denver song called Today is the First Day of the Rest of My life.

For MediaConnect, that day is today.

You've probably already noticed the new website. However, this new website isn't just a new, shiny coat of paint. Rather it represents MediaConnect's coming out as the company we've long planned to be.

MediaConnect was founded in 2000 as an information provider to PR and journalists in the technology sector. Over the last 12 years, we've gradually morphed from information provider to software company, from the technology sector to working across all verticals and sectors. In March of last year, we soft-launched Influencing. It was our big step outside of the technology sector and a statement that our future lay in the online software tools that we've been iterating for more than a decade.

We soft-launched for a reason. We wanted to make sure we were getting it right. We wanted to make sure we had a media database that was superior to any other in Australia. We wanted to make sure that we had the right tools for PR pros that worked in exactly the right way.

So over the past 15 months we worked with a small, handful of companies outside of the technology sector. The first thing we discovered was that we needed to make the platform easier to use, which was a surprise to us as we'd already made massive changes in order to simplify our service. So we went back and made them easier again. And then we did it again. We're only "coming out" now because we know Influencing is so dead simple. And fast. We design every new feature around being able to complete any task in less than a minute.

We've also worked very closely with a small, handful of companies on building out our toolset. We've literally sat down with PR professionals and asked them to take us through their workflows and we've then designed tools to do those jobs better. And then we've sat down with those same PR pros until those same tools worked exactly as the user expected them to.

A few months ago, the feedback we were getting suggested we'd just about arrived. So the company took on our sales director Mike Woodcock, who has been out in the marketplace for the past couple of months taking PR companies through what we now have to offer. And it's fair to say we've been blown away by the response.

Some might say it's dumb luck - I of course prefer to think that it's down to the fact that we've been working towards this point for more than a decade - but what we're now offering in the Influencing PR management suite comes at the precise moment in time that PR professionals in Australia are crying out for these kinds of tools. In today's sophisticated marketing environment, the traditional media database and media monitoring alerts just don't cut it any more. PR professionals need to be more professional and more productive if they're to successfully transition into the digital age and we've made it our mission to help as many PR agencies and departments get there, as we can.

Personally, as the founder of MediaConnect, I feel like the vision has been realised and we have no intention of keeping quiet about it anymore. We're out there, loud and proud. This is MediaConnect.