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MediaConnect proud to sponsor PRIA RCG conference

​On Friday, MediaConnect will be Gold Sponsor of PRIA’s Registered Consultant Group conference in Sydney.

We’re delighted to support PRIA’s RCG group. We believe of all the providers to PR agencies in Australia, none has a better relationship with the agency community than MediaConnect.

Agencies make up the bulk of our client base, and because we’re very client-focused, they have shaped the way we have evolved our Influencing and PRWire products.

Here at MediaConnect, we believe that the agency community is reaching a tipping point in terms of moving their PR workflow and tools to the cloud. If you’re in business, you’ve probably heard of this “cloud” concept before - it’s about using Internet-based tools to work more collaboratively, in real-time and with greater efficiency. We’re seeing an increasing number of our clients, finally making the move away from their Excel spreadsheets and embracing cloud-based tools like Influencing - which is the only real end-to-end PR management suite in Australia.

The beauty of PR in the cloud, is that you can eliminate most of your admin. Today, clients have so many demands of their agency’s that there just isn’t room for admin costs in any retainer. With content marketing, social media relations and the like, alongside traditional media relations and stakeholder comms, the best PR agencies are working hard on their tools and processes to help their consultants work as efficiently and as intelligently as possible.

That’s our motivation for supporting this event. It’s to thank our wonderful base of PR agency clients, many who have been with us since we were founded in 2000. But also to help get the message out to other agencies, who haven’t yet started down the path of moving their operations to the cloud.