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Observations from the National RCG Leaders conference

​As we mentioned on this blog last week, MediaConnect had the great pleasure to sponsor the National RCG Leaders conference in Sydney on Friday.

I’ve got to say it was one of the best day’s content I’ve experienced. I’m of course biased on that front because the goals of the RCG event are very in line with what we hope to achieve at MediaConnect with our Influencing platform, which is to help PR companies be more successful. A big thank you to PRIA and the RCG for the event, and allowing us to be involved.

My favourite presentation was the opening address from Paul Holmes of The Holmes Report and Sabre Awards fame. Holmes delivered a truly thought-provoking hour-long presentation on the direction that the public relations industry was taking and what PR agencies of the future might look like.

You can read my summary of the event here on Influencing.

Presentations throughout the day carried on the theme. We heard presentations about improving the business development capability of an agency, and one on best-practice human resources management.

All the way though, I found myself nodding and saying yes, this is the future.

However, the reality is that for all of these transformations and additional capabilities that are available to agencies, that most are just pressed to keep up with what’s on their plates at the moment.

As such, in order to move forward and put the additional time and resources into becoming a transformational agency, you have to free up time. The way to do that is to take the time to review your tools and processes, automate as much as you can, and then re-invest the time that you earn back into new business activities.

That’s, of course, our primary goal with our Influencing platform. As an end-to-end PR tool, we know that we can save our clients many hours by automating things like coverage reports, media list maintenance and sourcing features lists. Why would any modern-day PR agency ask their consultants to get bogged down in such menial tasks when there are so many new ways to extend a PR program, across areas like social media relations and content marketing?

I jokingly boasted when given the opportunity to speak that mine would be the most important talk delegates would hear on the day, because without getting their tools and processes humming, agencies just won’t have the time or capability to keep up with the market. 

So if your agency is still running on a multitude of Excel spreadsheets floating around your office, it really is time to take a look at what modern day, cloud-based PR management services can do for your business. 

Phil Sim is the CEO of MediaConnect Australia, whose flagship product is the Influencing online PR management suite. Influencing is a media database and tool kit, that helps agencies and PR departments slash their admin and work smarter and faster. Register for your FREE community login at