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Re-defining the media database

Influencing sets a new benchmark for what Australian PR professionals should expect from a media database. Influencing is a battle-hardened tool for building and managing media lists and intelligence.


You have the right to expect that your media database will be both comprehensive and up-to-date. Unfortunately, most media databases fail to deliver. Influencing is absolutely transparent in our updating process - we're the only Australian media database that publishes the date a contact was last checked. We work to a 90 day refresh cycle for ALL outlets and key titles are checked more regularly. 

  • More than 6,000 outlets
  • Australia and New Zealand 
  • Over 10,000 editorial contacts
  • Growing database of blogs and new influencers

Other media databases provide you with contact records, providing not much more than a name, address and phone number. Influencing profiles aim to give you deep media intelligence about what each journalist writes about and how to contact them, including:

  • Photos
  • Biographies
  • Latest articles
  • Word-clouds
  • Team notes & activities
  • Social media details and updates

​Influencing provides you with dozens of ways to search and segment our database so you can find precisely the media targets you're after. Our search parameters include:

  • Beats or topics
  • Roles and job titles
  • Outlet Types
  • Country, State and Suburbs
  • Frequency, language and many more
If you're using a media database, simply to check ad-hoc contents or keep your spreadsheets up-to-date, you're missing the point of a powerful media database platform like Influencing. Not only does Influencing make it easy to build any list in a matter of seconds, but once you save that list it will make keeping your lists up to data, simple and easy. You have the choice of each list being automatically up dates with new contacts and irrelevant contacts removed, or you can receive alerts to give you more control over who is added and removed from each list. Either way, you'll significantly cut the time you have traditionally spent keeping your media lists up-to-date.