In-depth Profiles

‚ÄčIn-depth Profiles

When you pull up a media contact in Influencing, we want to give you much more than just an email address and a phone number to call.

Influencing profile pages aim to present everything you need to know about each journalist so you know what and how to pitch.


Influencing profiles include thousands of photos of journalists which let you put a name to a face, and can also be pullled into automated briefing documents.


Our research team has written hundreds of biographies for many of the journalists in our database, outlining roles, responsibilities, previous experience and pitch tipcs.

Latest articles

Where online coverage is available, Influencing pulls those stories into the journalists profile so that you can research what they have been writing about.


Influencing takes a journalists most-recent coverage and converts it into a "word cloud" so you have an at-a-glance view of the topics they write most about.

Social media details and updates

Influencing includes known Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs and Facebook precenses and also pulls this data directly into each journalist's profile.

Team note & activities

While our research team works hard to bring you as much intelligence as possible about each journalist, the most useful insights come from reviewing the previous interactions your team has previously had with each journalist. We automatically log the press releases you've sent them, your email correspondence as well as making it dead-simple for your team to record their other interactions.