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Find the media you need

Influencing's Target functionality provides you with powerful search capabilities to find journalists fitting almost any criteria you can think of.

A PR professional never knows what kind of list they're going to have to pull together at an instant's notice. That's why Influencing provides you with dozens of fields that you can search across to pull together a list of journalists based on what every criteria you require.

You can find a name, phone number and email in a second with our global search tool, however, when you want to pull together lists it's our powerful Targeting tool that you will use.

Search by beat or topic

Influencing categorises every journalist and outlet by the topics or beats that they cover, and this is our core searching parameter.

Search by role

We break journalists down into various roles like editors, news editors, beauty editors, bloggers and reviewers so you can find particular kinds of journalists

Search by address

Maybe you have an event in a certain part of town and want to find journalists who work out of that area. You can search by 

Search by location

This option allows you to find journalists who's work is distributed to a certain area. Need to know all the journalists whose coverage area is within 20km of a particular topic. Only Influencing can do that.

And more...

Search by company, datasets, circulation and  more...