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​Influencing is an email distribution system purpose-built for the needs of PR professionals. Simply and easily send personalised, trackable e-mails that is integrated tightly with the Influencing PR management platform.

​It's hard to believe that so many PR professionals are still sending press releases by BCC'ing emails from Outlook. Influencing brings your news distribution processes into the modern-day allowing you to send personalised, measurable news distributions that easily incorporate images and rich formatting.

We're not exaggerating when we say you can distribute a personalised, measurable news distribution to hundreds of journalists in less than a minute. Using a simple, step-by-step wizard we walk you through the process with clear prompts and instructions. Compare that to the time it takes to create mail merges in Outlook, or the complexity of other email-campaign tools and you'll see why PR professionals love our purpose-built distribution tool.


​Influencing has full integration with MediaConnect's PRWire service, which lets you extend the reach of your announcements to search engines and social media.

  • Google News Indexed
  • Automatic posting to Twitter
  • RSS and email subscriptions
  • Public company newsroom
  • Journo portal integration

​Many studies have shown that personalising emails significantly improves the chances of those mails being opened or read. That goes doubly so for news distributions where journalists are far less likely to open spammy emails which look like they've been shot out to everyone. However, Influencing goes beyond merely letting you personalise your email with a name in the body or subject. Our Tailored Distribution tool lets you personalise the message of each and every journalist.


Why is it that public relations is probably the only marketing discipline, that has yet to embrace the idea that e-mails should be measurable? Emails sent via our distribution tool measure how many open and what links are clicked, giving you powerful data that can tell you which of your releases are resonating and which aren't. Once you've captured this data it is easily integrated into your reports and analytics.


Critically, our news distribution module is completely integrated with the rest of our PR management suite, so that further intelligence can be derived from a journalist or company basis. Influencing automatically logs every mail sent to every journalist, so you have a full history of what you have sent each journalist in the past and what they have opened or read.​