Australia's press release wire

​PRWire is Australia's most popular online press release wire and news announcement service. Use Google News, search enginers, Twitter, RSS, email and more to reach buyers, journalists and influencers.

PRWire is Australia's only free press release wire. While we will introduce paid updates in the second half of 2012, there is no charge to post releases to the PRWire website and Twitter feeds.

  • PRWire is only available to companies with a business presence in Australia and New Zealand
  • Releases posted to PRWire must be genuine news releases that adhere to professional standards
  • If your are posting releases on behalf of another company, you must prove to us you have that authority

While "push marketing" like electronic direct mail (EDM) still has its place, increasingly marketers are learning the value of "pull marketing" where one's information is made available via as many mediums as possible allowing users find and consumer information on the platform of their preference. PRWire news can be found via:

  • Browsing directly to PRWire
  • Search engines
  • RSS feeds
  • Email digests
  • Twitter feeds

​Getting your news into Google News and other search engine databases is one of the most important marketing tools you have at your disposal. PRWire is a Google News-indexed site, which guarantees that anyone searching Google News or who have set up Google News alerts can find your announcements. In addition to Google News, PRWire ensures your releases are found in the main Google index, Bing and most every other popular search engine.


​Every PRWire release is automatically posted to one of PRWire's Twitter feeds, which are followed by thousands of users. As well as our main @PRWireAU and @PRWireNZ feeds, we also have a dozen topic specific feeds which are read by media, influencers and ordinary consumers. Retweet and share with your other social media presences including Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.


​PRWire's primary use is to get your media out onto the web and into search engines, however our service is also used by many journalists who have created email alerts or digests, subscribed to our RSS feeds or follow our Twitter feeds. Many just happen across our stories via their searches or Google News alerts. We also feed all PRWire releases into our Journo portal. If you're intent on reaching the media then we strongly recommend you take a look at our Influencing media database, but having your releases posted to PRWire certainly won't hurt.