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Yes, it really is true. It won't cost you a cent to post our news announcements and press releases to Australia's most popular press release wire.

​​The most common question we get about PRWire is how much does it cost? People find it difficult to believe that we can offer as marketing tool that is effective and useful as PRWire and not charge for it. But it's true. There is no cost to post your news to PRWire. We only require companies and organisations to meeting the following guidelines.

  • PRWire is only available to companies with a business presence in Australia and New Zealand
  • Releases posted to PRWire must be genuine news releases that adhere to professional standards
  • If your are posting releases on behalf of another company, you must prove to us you have that authority

The next thing people ask us, is how do we stay in business? Our company MediaConnect offers a suite of publicity products. Our goal is to help companies understand the marketing value of promoting themselves via the web and the media so that when their needs become more sophisticated, they'll be interested in our paid offerings.

Currently, our paid service is the Influencing portal, which you can read about here, however in the second half of 2012 we will introduce a transaction-based PRWire paid offering.